Association of Private Lenders is now;

American Association of Private Lenders
When we talk about being a “Private Money Investor”, we are talking about someone who loans money to another person at an above bank interest rate while the loan is secured by real estate.

The money can be loaned either short term or long term to professional real estate investors to buy and repair real estate that is then rented out or sold for a profit.
Although a Private Money Investor does not have a physical “bank,” he acts like a bank. He qualifies a borrower and a project and provides the funds, receiving an interest rate of return.

And like a white shirt banker, Private Money Investors are uniquely positioned to leverage the efforts and time of others who are burdened by the daily hassles of a real estate project or property. In other words, they never put on a set of work gloves.

Private Money Investors do not do any of the work of:
• Finding properties
• Rehabbing or maintenance
• Answering tenant complaints

How different this is from the hard work of being a rehabber or a landlord. They leverage the efforts and time of others. You could say that they have figured out a way to work smarter not harder.

Instead of flipping properties, rehabbing, land lording, buying REOs, buying short sale properties, or any of the many ways of doing real estate today, they leverage the knowledge, skills, and experience of professional real estate investors in these niche areas. The only thing they must know is how to be a Private Money Investor. All these real estate professionals have worked hard to know the specific techniques of their specialty. But the Private Money Investor just leverages their expertise by allowing them to use his money.

Often it takes only a few phone calls to get involved in a project and then they wait for the final funds to be wired to one’s bank account upon the project’s completion or on a monthly basis if one has invested in a buy and hold property.

And if the borrower does not pay, the property can be repossessed. Remember, you are a lender. Lenders have the right to foreclose.

The Association of Private Lenders exists to show you how to protect yourself so that if the worst case scenario does happen, and you have to take the house, you will be able to sell it immediately and still make a profit.

We will show you how you can do as many as 24 loans a year and skyrocket the value of your net worth by speeding up the velocity of your investment gains.
You might wonder why investors need you so much right now.

The fact is, many investors who used to depend on banks for financing have had their credit lines cut, often for no fault of their own. The banks either do not have the money, or are so picky that JP Morgan couldn’t get a loan.

What does that mean for you?
This means that investors are in desperate need of your funds and are willing to pay you interest rates often in the double digits.

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    As a seasoned real estate investor I have used bank financing, hard money financing, mortgage loan brokers to fund my deals. Because these are very limited in the type of "loans" they are allowed to sell they can only accommodate a certain few types of real estate deals.

    For individuals who like to "keep their money working" through these "lenders", thinking that their investment money is more secure through them miss out on investments "secured by real estate", (just as secure as the lenders deals) some deals will have much greater returns under terms that can keep your money longer and that you decided upon.


    January 2014